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Iguana Masters provides removal and control of invasive Iguanas.

Why Iguana control?

Iguanas are an INVASIVE SPECIES causing property damage by making burrows along the waterfront and in sea walls. They dig under fencing and other structures and are known to cause roof damage. They devour and destroy your landscape and favorite flowering plants. They leave excrement everywhere including in pools and hot tubs. They can carry salmonella and threaten your family's health! They devour crops or the blossoms that lead to them. They can devastate farms and nurseries. We specialize in Iguana removal and Iguana control.

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Call now to schedule your free estimate.  We  will determine how best to solve your needs  at a price you can afford. Help protect your property, family and local wild life from this invasion! We handle residential. commercial and agricultural customers.

Iguana Info


An Invading Species

The Iguana is not native to Florida. Florida's environment makes it the perfect breeding ground for these destructive lizards. They love our subtropical climate and abundance of waterways. Iguanas are a nuisance by damaging landscapes, gardens and farmlands. They leave droppings everywhere and can turn your pool or hot tub into a cesspool! They cause property damage by digging burrows, digging under fences and undermining sea walls and other structures. They cause electrical shorts and power outages. They threaten our native wildlife.

Iguana Breeding

Iguanas are prolific breeders. One big alpha male may breed with 20 different females. Each female is capable of laying 40-70 eggs. They generally breed December through February with hatchlings emerging March through August.

Different Control Techniques

Depending on the type of area, situation and level of Iguana infestation a variety of methods are used. We will discuss the different options available for the capture and removal of these pests. We never use any poisons or toxins. We believe in protecting the environment and your family. 

Iguana Masters are also animal lovers. We take no joy in the loss of any life and only uses the most humane techniques of dealing with this invasive species and strictly follow state laws.

Don't Wait Act Now!

If you have Iguanas you need to act now! The population can quickly get out of hand. A couple of big ones now can mean dozens of big ones in 2-3 years. Waiting or putting off your Iguana problem or underestimating what can happen can be much more costly in the future! Call Iguana Masters now to schedule your free estimate..

Toad Removal

toad removal

Bofu or Cane Toads

These are also known as Giant or Marine toads as well. These invasive species are poisonous invaders! Their toxin can be extremely dangerous to your pet cat or dog and can be fatal! These deadly toad populations have exploded here in South Florida due to our climate. When threatened these toads secrete a toxin from their skin. This poison is ingested by your pet upon entering it's mouth or licking it. Death can sometimes happen in minutes. These invasive toads also compete withour native wildlife for food.

We Can Minimize This Threat

Iguana Masters also handles removal of these pests as well. help protect the health of your pet and avoid high veterinary bills or possibly the loss of your loved one! If you have these toads on your property, we can help!

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